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Council Policy on graffiti

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I contacted the City Council this morning to get their policy on the “graffiti problem” in the city. I am waiting to be contacted by someone in regards to this.

Here’s what I found on their website, under the heading;

“Task Force Green”

Graffiti eradication – support to other organisations (Council and non-Council) continues as a low profile but immediate response to remove graffiti from prominent public sites. It is hoped the promptness of its removal discourages its reoccurrence.

So it seems the council are just “hoping” the problem will go away. I am guessing that there is no facility, or plan for a facility like a wall, to be available to artists. The vision of these, great folk in power is quite breathtaking. We will wait and see..





Fringe Festival 08

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 jse_april_012.jpgI stopped on George St. to see what the huge crowds were watching, it was Slim Picken, a Sword Swallower from Wellington down here for the festival. He’s a very funny bloke and he’s performing on the streets most afternoons. Check him out.

Cathedral Tagging

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Tagging or just blatant vandalism?

St. Paul’s Cathedral in The Octagon was tagged last week by three youths, who were later caught by the Police. We wonder why these youths would target the Cathedral, this type of tagging will most definitely convince the public to tar all graffiti artists with the same brush. How can these youths be dealt with, to solve this problem. We would love to hear your comments on this controversal topic.