Cathedral Tagging

Tagging or just blatant vandalism?

St. Paul’s Cathedral in The Octagon was tagged last week by three youths, who were later caught by the Police. We wonder why these youths would target the Cathedral, this type of tagging will most definitely convince the public to tar all graffiti artists with the same brush. How can these youths be dealt with, to solve this problem. We would love to hear your comments on this controversal topic.


2 Responses to “Cathedral Tagging”

  1. i was reading a while ago in the odt about how graffiti is a problem in dunedin. well at home we have “legal walls” in places like outdoor basketball courts and under overpasses. these are places for graffiti writers to go and paint and paint over that usually turn out quite excellent. i don’t know if dunedin has any such things or if it would solve any problems but it’s an idea (and legal walls are usually a good place to go look at some cool art).

  2. heatherbilly Says:

    Legal walls sound like an awesome idea Myra, don’t spose you have any pics of ones you are familiar with? I’ve noticed the skate park behind the train station is filling up with graffiti. With of all its bland concrete surfaces and its location I assume it was designed as this kind of space. We’ll head out there to get some pics and it would be quite interesting to see how it develops. We are also hoping to pop along to the DCC to learn about their attitude towards graffiti art and its place in the city, so we’ll check out the ‘legal wall’ idea, cheers 😉

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