Art or wilful damage; what do you think? Have your say..

These dolphins were stenciled in a couple of locations in the city lately. The artist, Jono More, was collared by police and charged with wilful damage, a big scary crim’ i’m sure.. The outcome of these charges are yet to be decided.
We’re interested in what you all think?
We both consider them to be art that can be enjoyed by the public of Dunedin.

Anyway we think that there’s a lot worse stuff the police could be doing in Dunedin. If they’re going to clamp down on tagging and graffiti, the least they could do is target the stuff that is offensive to the majority of the public and on private property.

Go the Dolphins…


2 Responses to “Art or wilful damage; what do you think? Have your say..”

  1. I didn’t know stencils could be so beautiful. I’d love to see more of these around. especially as they are reminding of how beautiful the dolphins are and that they need protecting

    Much respect

    Let Jono off

    Kia kaha

  2. heatherbilly Says:

    We totally agree, keep a look out for some dolphins around the country. I hear that Jono has been touring with his stencils. The dolphins are critically endangered, so anything to raise awareness must be welcomed. We’d love to hear and see from anyone who has spotted the dolphins outside Dunedin.

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