Has anyone seen….?

Wandering Backstreet Barcelona

Wandering Backstreet Barcelona...

... a Couple of Sightseers

... a Couple of Sightseers



No Surveillance?... or is it: NO SURVEILLANCE!

 Now, I’m sure I have seen the Surveillance Camera (CCTV) imagery being used around Dunedin, but I’m not sure where.  I’ve checked our Flickr account, no record, but I know its around… Can anyone help???

Anyhoo, being a tourist in Barcelona I did feel like somewhat of a spier, especially since I’m using photographs of their work on the web… but doesn’t it bring about the notion of Jeremy Bentham’s (I think thats right) Panopticon… the model of a prison where one never knows if they are being watched by an authoritive figure so are forced into a state of self-surveillance… enough to make one very paranoid indeed.  Yes, we are all being watched, in one way or another at some time of day.  Here in Dunedin we can be thankful, I heard a ridiculous statistic that the average Londoner is caught on CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) up to 100+ times a day.  (If you have the exact number feel free to share).   Ker-Azy!!

Anyway, another wicked example of thought-provoking stencil work!


4 Responses to “Has anyone seen….?”

  1. Hey heather and billy,
    I love the Barcelona street art, it is indeed thought-provoking. It’s Michel Foucault who came up with the Panopticon prison model and his ideas of self-surveillance and control are definately evident here.

    Very cool pics, love the website!

  2. heatherbilly Says:

    Thanx Madz,

    True, true, Michel Foucault did use the Panopticon Model with his ideas on self-surveillance and control, but the Panopticon ‘Prison’ (which was never actually built) was based on Jeremy Bentham’s design. I had forgotten Foucault used it for his theory, thats what two years out of Uni does to ya. Oh well, back and learning.

    Appreciate the reply, keep ’em coming 🙂

  3. Yeah, apparantly its up to 300 times a day (according to the BBC), theres 1 CCTV camera per 14 people in the UK, that makes some 4.2 million cameras, scary hey! Still, at least we don’t have a crime problem hahaha.

  4. heatherbilly Says:

    Wow, thats a lot of cameras!! Heavy stuff, still… no crime problem? Hmmm, i guess you just manage to evade them all, criminals becoming smarter. (I heard most crimes are committed online anywaz) Hahaha, they’ll get you eventually darling. Thanks for the stats x 🙂

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