The Pennisula and some sunshine.

Bus stops are usually irresistable targets for taggers. As I was out enjoying that strange big yellow thing in our sky at the weekend I noticed all the bus stops out on the pennisula didn’t attract much tagging at all.  I think the solution might be real easy – dont leave them a blank canvas. Here are a few of the bus stops out on Pennisula Rd. Check out our fickr site for other cool stuff on the pennisunla.


2 Responses to “The Pennisula and some sunshine.”

  1. Hey guys, cool blog.

    I’ve posted a link to you guys at the Smashmag website.

    I assume you’ve seen it, but this one was all about graffiti, so had to post something about the stuff under the Leith, and of course you guys had it. Cheers. How’s the course going, I finished a Masters in the Design Dept last year.

  2. gostei do seu site. parabéns

    Rogério Oliveira

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