Hello all.

Our names are Heather & Billy, we are a couple of post grad students at Otago University in Dunedin, New Zealand. This blog is part of our studies in digital design.

This blog is about exploring the ever increasing amount of public art on a personal yet interactive level.

We are passing it every day in the streets; stencils, graffiti, sculpture, installation, murals, performance and music, perhaps not even noticing it, or not knowing what it means or what to make of it when we do.

Every piece has a story.  Each piece has taken time, material and some form of inspiration  and perhaps risk to evolve.

It’s all about reactions.

Where is it?  Who did it?  When?  Why?  How was it made?  Do you like it?  Is it even art?  What next?

It’s about a chance to show, tell, share, explain and learn so that next time you’re walking down the street you either have something more to look out for or the inside scoop.

This is not intended take out all the fun and intrigue out of this mysterious, anonymous type of art but to add meaning through varying levels of interpretation and communication.

Art becoming the urban legend.

Help us get started, do share, and enjoy )


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