Clubs ‘n’ Socs, Otago University

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Clubs ‘n’ Socs, Otago University, originally uploaded by heatherbilly.


Even God Loves Graffiti

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Elim3, originally uploaded by heatherbilly.

Brenda Harwood, a reporter from The Star, ran an article on the graffiti mural painted on the The Elim Christian Centre down on Anzac Ave. This project was partly funded by the Dunedin City Council and our Mayor, Peter Chin was down there to check it out. The community project, aided by the talents of Visual Intelligence, a local graphic art and tattooing company, has really brightened the area up. Hopefully, now that our mayor was suitably impressed, we will see more of this around the city.

Kiwi phrase

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Kiwi phrase, originally uploaded by heatherbilly.

Yeah… na
Thats all that can really be said about that eh?

Some more wonderful work going on down at the Art School.
Love it how our culture can be epitomised in one sentence!!

Weight of the World…

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Weight of the World, originally uploaded by heatherbilly.

… on your shoulders?
Impending assignments? essays? project proposals? bills? mid-winter blues? mid-year crisis? mid-life crisis? family? friends? They’re feelin’ it in Spain too guys!!! (except maybe the mid-winter part)  But hey; nice to know you’re not alone eh?

Has anyone seen….?

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Wandering Backstreet Barcelona

Wandering Backstreet Barcelona...

... a Couple of Sightseers

... a Couple of Sightseers



No Surveillance?... or is it: NO SURVEILLANCE!

 Now, I’m sure I have seen the Surveillance Camera (CCTV) imagery being used around Dunedin, but I’m not sure where.  I’ve checked our Flickr account, no record, but I know its around… Can anyone help???

Anyhoo, being a tourist in Barcelona I did feel like somewhat of a spier, especially since I’m using photographs of their work on the web… but doesn’t it bring about the notion of Jeremy Bentham’s (I think thats right) Panopticon… the model of a prison where one never knows if they are being watched by an authoritive figure so are forced into a state of self-surveillance… enough to make one very paranoid indeed.  Yes, we are all being watched, in one way or another at some time of day.  Here in Dunedin we can be thankful, I heard a ridiculous statistic that the average Londoner is caught on CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) up to 100+ times a day.  (If you have the exact number feel free to share).   Ker-Azy!!

Anyway, another wicked example of thought-provoking stencil work!

Keeping an Eye on the Underpass

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Eye of the Underpass, originally uploaded by heatherbilly.

In the holidays I took a trip abroad, seizing the opportunity to check out the similarities/differences in street Art . Great to see that Artists (and possibly the council) of Southampton, England have also discovered the wonders of livening up underground public areas. Not usually known to be pretty places; this underpass was obviously occupied by people during the night, and visited by late night drunks. In areas where one would usually hurry through, its nice to let the eye get caught up with some talent and inspiration.
Access-ways as access to Art. I like it.
Check out some comparisons on the ‘Street Art Abroad’ page…

A walk up the Leith

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We went out yesterday for a walk up the Water of Leith and found a few great pieces of New Zealand graffiti, and some real funny ones too. Here’s a couple of the best, check out flickr for the rest.