Street Art Abroad: Part One

Spot the Collages:

Barcelona (Sp) vs Dunedin

Similar style and colour surfaces.

Obscure, aerial location.

Almost seemingly hidden.

Peering out from above.







This is not a Window…

Carcassonne (Fr) vs Dunedin

… or is it?  The idea of looking at a frame and the validity of its existence has been played on by many artists throughout the ages.  Think Magritte: he was fixed on frames, perception, and an indulgence into the familiar in an inexpected context.    

Despite scale, subject, or intention, the idea of something ‘beyond’ is often more appealing than the surface itself.


Animal Infinity:

Southampton (UK) vs Dunedin

Nothing much in common except they are both of canine description.

One looks more obedient than the other.

Both have been placed at a believable height and size…. Yea, they must breed ’em tough done here!


Orange in the Hood:

Barcelona (Sp) vs Dunedin

Both seem to be local characters of iconic status, with designated hood colours, both orange crew here.

Found in any random place; both incidentally caught hanging above doorways in these snaps. 

Are of friendly appearance, either waving or greeting.  Decidedly approachable.


 Street Side Signatures:

Bordeaux Fr) vs Dunedin

Although often indecipherable except unto the artiste, the untrained eye becomes accustomed to large scale, expressive spray-strokes, bold colour and unique designs.



Often situated in high traffic/paedestrian locations, this is the art of expressing oneself through attracting maximum attention minimal time.


… To Be Continued …


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