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A walk up the Leith

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We went out yesterday for a walk up the Water of Leith and found a few great pieces of New Zealand graffiti, and some real funny ones too. Here’s a couple of the best, check out flickr for the rest.





Art or wilful damage; what do you think? Have your say..

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These dolphins were stenciled in a couple of locations in the city lately. The artist, Jono More, was collared by police and charged with wilful damage, a big scary crim’ i’m sure.. The outcome of these charges are yet to be decided.
We’re interested in what you all think?
We both consider them to be art that can be enjoyed by the public of Dunedin.

Anyway we think that there’s a lot worse stuff the police could be doing in Dunedin. If they’re going to clamp down on tagging and graffiti, the least they could do is target the stuff that is offensive to the majority of the public and on private property.

Go the Dolphins…


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When Heather & myself started this blog, lots of people kept telling us about the giraffes they kept seeing about town. So, we think it’s time for a quick run down of all the giraffes, in no particular order, that we’ve managed to round-up in the first couple of months. If you have seen any other ones, please feel free to post them on our blog or let us know about them and we’ll go and catch them..




‘Dunedin Murals’ card collection.

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This mural is located on the sidewall of Tangente cafe on Moray Place.  It was painted 20years ago by Rod Jensen and friends.  It is now an image used in the ‘Dunedin Murals’ collection of cards commissioned by Corso, New Zealands own development aid agency since 1944.


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Unfortunately I only took this one pic when I was in Wellington last weekend. It’s a wee bit different from the stuff  we’re seeing in Dunedin. Homegrown was wicked though.


Council Policy on graffiti

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I contacted the City Council this morning to get their policy on the “graffiti problem” in the city. I am waiting to be contacted by someone in regards to this.

Here’s what I found on their website, under the heading;

“Task Force Green”

Graffiti eradication – support to other organisations (Council and non-Council) continues as a low profile but immediate response to remove graffiti from prominent public sites. It is hoped the promptness of its removal discourages its reoccurrence.

So it seems the council are just “hoping” the problem will go away. I am guessing that there is no facility, or plan for a facility like a wall, to be available to artists. The vision of these, great folk in power is quite breathtaking. We will wait and see..