Wall Art: Walling the Talk

Wall Art: Walling the talk

If walls could talk…
…they would say: “give me a voice”. And that’s just what people have done for thousands of years.
People love to express themselves, and make record of themselves, particularly in places that they
see as ‘their patch’. Of course this expression, art, does change. Societies change, people change,
materials change, and our concept of what looks good changes. Wall art is a fashion too. The way it
looks says something about technique and notions of interest. We learn about social structure,
social issues, values, beliefs, food sources, technology and relationships.

Even cave men had the desire to create images
of the world around them on the walls of
where they lived. And aren’t we glad they

5000 years ago the Egyptians had a lot to say
through paintings and hieroglyphs….

So did colonial travellers, apparently this is
called “19th Century graffiti”…

Michelangelo had a lot to say with his Last
Judgement in the 16th Century…

This anonymous 80’s piece on the Berlin Wall
titled, Book Of Love, was documented as ‘art

Next time you see a ‘bit of paint’ on the wall, have a think about what its saying…



One Response to “Wall Art: Walling the Talk”

  1. Dave Pryce Says:

    I live in London (UK) and where art is left on public walls for other peoples enjoyment I don’t have a problem. But I can’t stand all this mindless graffiti which I call vandalism on private property that so many kids leave if you had an upload feature on your site I would show you an example. It does not have a message and is not making any profound statement it’s just scribble and makes my city look like a ghetto. I hate it, but that’s just me and about 99% of all other law abiding home owners in the UK. 🙂

    Thanks nice site though.

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